General information and information
the end of possible BodyPaint performances

-Painting team at least two, sometimes three or more people (Painter, model / s, assistant)
- Painting time per whole motif approx. 5 hours, entire day use max. 12 hrs.
- Several models per action possible
- Primarily own models, but also asked Models used by the client
- Predominantly female. Models, usually topless + String Bikini / Top / etc. possible
- Model / s are available for service, catering, promotion, reception, etc. available
- Ways of working:
Option 1: Painting / s completely backstage (for example to business reception, …)
Varainte 2: Painting / s before a live audience (eg trade promotion, … (where the primer is applied backstage, at least chest / buttocks / hip should be covered with color))
- Work performance:
Clothes black / corn yellow lettering, black tables, black and aluminum case work
- Fully equipped self-sufficient (light and sound under certain conditions, at Music GEMA-registration)
- Space requirements at best about 2×2 to 3×3 m (minimum 3 people + tables / workspaces.)
Electric hook-ups required. Backstage area desirable.
- Own motive creations as well as individual motives negotiable
(Eg product / company-based, lettering, logos, corporate colors, etc.), if necessary, previous sketches designs
- Making available set of image material for any application of the action
- Honorary per team: Depending on the task, effort and conditions negotiation net, including utilities (Run organization,Motive Designs & preparation, model booking, Model and assistant-Gage / n. material, possibly Deco, travel expenses within 50km radius, from 50km +0,35 € / km) plus VAT.
(Smaller actions (face painting / painting public / etc. on favorable terms)
For more distant missions, several models and / or daily operations is to negotiate individually
(Eg, travel expenses, accommodation, model fees, etc.)
- Accompanying photo shoot (duplicates in the wake of all involved)
- Cooperation with the media / press
- Used internationally