06. Red Light – canteen

It is in the nature of things, that a certain situation comedy arises spontaneously and unexpectedly.


I had set myself for a while on the first floor of an old factory building a studio. The former canteen proved suitable as well for it. In the adjoining rooms on the site have gradually settled by some companies and craft businesses.

It was the time when I started to make more and more body painting shootings. And without any body painting models. But interested ladies who sometimes make up for the Lord artist naked in order to let paint them did not grow on trees, I turned on advertisement. “Search for Models Bodypainting projects”. And lo and behold – it answered even someone. A girl that would like to join times. Since such a project is always very complicated, to get very close and a few hours spent together, a previous introductory meeting makes sense.

So I invited the applicant. A bit upset I was already. At that time I did not too often got a lady visitor in the old gray areas. Even if it was only “official”. To reach me, you had to go from the main gate a long way up to my building, left and right, the craftsmen. My aspirant had brought spontaneously a girlfriend, but both were late and found their way not equal. I piloted her via cell phone from the gate in my direction. And as they turned the corner: legs up to the sky, on heels that looked already a firearms license subject to removal, with something around his waist that rather than broad belt could it pass as a skirt. The busts crammed into a sucked Something and could scarcely stay where they belonged covered. Walla Walla Mane, once in – a classic in this truest sense – blond and the other dark in color framed compositions that made all honor my work suitcase. Red Lipstick mandatory.

200 meters. Uneven road. Phone to the ear. Seekers glances. Completely different faces suddenly appeared gradually to the left and right of windows and doors. I saw the end of the road towards the two and what was going on the side. As if in slow motion and as if all were contacted by whispers about the exotic visit to the site, at the level of peered -always approaching women – out a grinning head after another. The two did not even realize the attention caused by them and so they stöckelten determined to meet me. Wonderful scene.

I’ve even counted on a lot, but such ‘two copies? Hui! Well, they came to me and then it all went pretty fast. They drank coffee and chatted about the planned projects. Well, to my question, what they do for a living and when they had time, I was told, they were freelancing independently and flexible in time in an industry that they did not want to explain in more detail. Aaaaahh yes. I’ve never experienced it and did not want to be biased, but …

I would thus indeed have had no problem, but it soon became apparent that the spark somehow did not skip. We were not on such ‘same wave, as we have each other to work well. Should perhaps be.

At least the craftsmen in any case had probably made as their own thoughts on what’s going on up there now with the artists …


… and grinned me the day after that ever so “weird” to …