04. What shoud that?

As a painter, it is important that you paint. But it is also important that the images once someone sees. At least if you live on and every now and then sometimes sell one or the other wants / needs. That’s why I always looked for opportunities to exhibit. Well, that’s not uncommon, and some savings banks and several solariums Center had to believe. But even conventional salesrooms any Coleure were eligible. Then it may sometimes even happen that one “Düsterwald – painting” again takes place in a car audio installers.


It was one of my first external exhibitions and I imagined pretty much on a. So of course I was alone, because the manager took I do not think too seriously, I was still at the beginning of my freely chosen work time. In my defense I can say no more than that those sales people had also just begun with their store. The only difference was: they were successful. So much so that they are one of the leading car electronics outfitter with many branches today.

Mmhmm ​​- my pictures distributed throughout the country? No, in Europe, internationally, worldwide!

Back – Woke up! The images were quite simply: bad. really bad. In those days I saw the course differently, I found up some great. I had indeed, I had nothing else. Anyway, organized eagerly, faced down, transported, dragged, I hung pictures between speakers and car radio – glass cases, in staircases, shop windows and salesrooms.

A very big was about which not even partout in my sensational “company car” Ford Granada estate car automatic cream white toned. Well okay, it was dry out there and so I strapped the stretcher canvas on the roof. A little bit at least. Laterally, I thought it the best I could with the hand from the side window fixed and drove with one hand. And slow. Very slowly. Hard to believe, what forces, if the wind was blowing beneath. So Tempo 20, not usually. Accompanied by irritated eyes and partly uncomprehending shake of the head I came days later (the 15 km so I came anyway before) at the site of the incident.

For weekend everything was ready. If I remember correctly, even extra people were invited to the opening. That amounted to more then trunk subwoofer prospects. I stood somewhere somehow around the store and tried desperately to make a bustling, artistically valuable face.

Well of course I was not as the one who was responsible for those works, clearly recognizable. This has the advantage of not having to talk when you do not want. And I did not like. But listen, really listen, that was interesting. Two People strolled past a large colorful Something, and then she came, the question of questions:

 „What should that, what does want THE ARTIST say US by that?“

 I was however a bit inconvenient, so I could not understand their philosophical conversation about the picture. It will probably be gone by content, brushstrokes, blobs, overall presentation and the like. But the question alone was enough to me to retire with a smile and to think me my part. Nice that I was raised in the supreme artist team, so many supposedly sophisticated works are nothing more than: brushstrokes and blobs, where the maker has not really thought anything.

Neither do I. It should quite simply just somehow ausehen good care for any interesting. Ok, that was not particularly successful in that picture, but quite beside it was not. After all, one has talked about it, that’s not already enough results? At least it was great, that’s already something.


And it can be transported on Ford Granada.